The Winery: Tradition and Family

The story of the Zago family merges with the story of the family farm.

The Zagos has always been living along the river Piave working as farmers.

Know-how, tradition and values of the Veneto region have been passed on from father to son.

At the end of the 70’s Luigino Zago made the choice to cultivate and produce only wine on the whole family estate.

Following his intense passion for the world of wine, he started up the reality that still bears his name.

Over the years the winery consolidated and established its reputation in the Italian and foreign market.

Because of the size of the farm, it is possible to follow each step of the wine production chain, starting from the grape-harvesting which is made by hand on the family ground.

Consequently the Zagos can also give the consumer a guarantee of origin and traceability of their products.

the Zago family

Nowadays Luigino and his children carry out the project together. Federico is the oenologist of the farm. He attends to the wine production from the vineyard to the bottle. Chiara is responsible for communication and marketing strategies.

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